Sunday, May 17, 2009

Through the eyes

I couldn't resist. Hattie is 5 years old, armed with a pink digital camera, a burning desire to be a "garden girl" some day, and lots of time on her hands. She knows we are blogging and she wanted to show everyone the perfect pea pod, full of plump little English peas. If you ever wonder how a kid sees the world, get them one of those new fangled digital cameras covered in rubber so they bounce when you drop them. 
Think peas... with mint... with pearl onions... with fettuccine and cream...with tuna and shiitakes. Or eat them like Hattie, unzip one and pop the peas straight in your mouth. 
I can't wait til the next potluck and I thank you Andria for hosting a wonderful dinner last Wednesday. So much soul satisfying food and good conversation. 


  1. Yum! thanks for posting, Lorette and Hattie! Every time I talk to the folks at Jones Orchard, they marvel at the city kids who come to the farm to learn just where vegetables come from. Your kids are so fortunate to get that lesson firsthand...

    The Chubby Vegetarian has a great recipe for Garden Mint & Sweet Pea Pasta on his site. I like mine sans the pasta, with a few shavings of parmesan on top. Can't wait to get the Downing Hollow Farm peas in my CSA bag -- if Hattie doesn't "sample" 'em all, that is!

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